Savings Associated with Govt. Scanning

Savings Associated with Government Record Scanning

You may want to call the Government Document Scanning Professional in your area for an overall review of your systems and procedures. However, there are some generalities about cost savings.

The most significant tangible costs include the labor cost to create the file, store the file, retrieve the file and process the file including faxing or copying and shipping. Then there are the tangible costs of the file itself including file folder and label, paper costs, file cabinet costs, shipping costs, fax line costs, etc.

Over the life of the document, if only one in a hundred files is sent overnight at a cost of $15, one is faxed at a phone charge of $.50 and your filing cabinets cost $100 and holds 200 files, and you put files in hanging folders at a cost of $.30 each, then already we have a cost per file of roughly a $1.00. When labor is added, the cost per file skyrockets.

Labor includes cost to

  • create (label, package, copy) document
  • file original document
  • retrieve document (quadruple cost for lost or misfiled documents)
  • refile document
  • ship some documents
  • fax some documents
  • scan and email some documents

Without looking very hard, it becomes evident that the cost of the document is between $5.00 and $15.00 and rising each month until the document can be destroyed.

These costs are before the ongoing expenses associated with occupancy, safety, security, etc.

These are the costs before the benefits associated with immediate customer service, immediate access to documents, etc.

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The Office of State Procurement has issued an Invitation for Bid for Imaging System Services (Back Scanning) for the AR Office of Child Support Enforcement.
We are a small city and in the process of sorting years of records. We would like information on where to start with digital scanning and what the costs are. We would also like to know the cost of shredding and do you do that on site?
City Water Department has over 15,000 sheets of water plans that need to be scanned. Most sheets are about 24
work for
I am trying to locate a company in the Kansas City service area that does scanning. This company should be under GSA schedule. There are approximately 31,000 pages to scan. If your company does this, please email me your pricing list.