Why Scan Your Government Records

Disclosure of public documents is time consuming

Pulling files, the copying the data, conveying the data and finally refilling the document, all can be an expensive and time consuming affair, not counting the need for complete accuracy in what is disclosed and what private information is withheld.

What better way to cost effectively allow mandated access to the public documents for which you are responsible. Then you can remove the paper files saving time and money in space requirements.

Scanning saves time and money accessing files

Professional Government Document Scanning can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend pulling files, coping files and then refilling.

Scanning can reduce occupancy costs

Once the documents are scanned, the hard copy paper records can be removed to a more secure, but cheaper location. In some cases, the scanned documents are destroyed once a reasonable time has passed after "scanning". Document scanning can put two file cabinets on one CD. The scanned documents can be hosted by you or a professional outside electronic file hosting company. The end result is that scanning can make disclosure of public documents much cheaper and less time consuming while reducing the cost of space

Scanning can eliminate lost and misfiled government records

Once a document is scanned and hosted by a electronic file hosting company, you can never misfile it. Document Scanning can reduce the cost associated with lost, misfiled and checked out files.

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Typical Requests For Services

City Water Department has over 15,000 sheets of water plans that need to be scanned. Most sheets are about 24
We have a client in Garden City, KS who would like to get some pricing on document scanning. She would like to someone to come to her office and scan her medical records. She has approximately 20 pages per chart and approximately 400 charts.
One-time project. Client statements - approximately 20 boxes- would need statements to be shredded after scanning.
Would like to scan 2000-2009 tax returns with all supporting documents as well as all brokerage statements from 1990 to date. I would also like to have data put on CD
work for the City Fire Department and we have (51) 16mm Microfilm rolls that need to be converted into digital images. Please contact me with any further questions