Computer Output to Microfilm

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** Are you mandated to securely store your records on media which will last for hundreds of years?
** Would you like this media solution to take up much less space and easier to retrieve than paper files?

We have a solution that meets these requirements..

Computer Output to MicroFilm (COM). We Convert your scanned or unscanned documents to MicroFilm.

Many government agencies require film for long term storage. COM is the safest, most reliable way to store and archive your valuable records, it is not vulnerable to computer viruses, software upgrades or the latest media change.

COMSTOR Information Management, Inc.


PO Box 11817
Spokane, WA 99211


Contact: Les Boudewyns at 866-612-6925 ext 127

COMSTOR has the hardware and programming ability to create fiche from virtually any data format including, but not limited to, CD, DVD, and most tape media, even the ancient ones. COM easily fl ows into the digital world. Simply take the microfi che, put it in a digital viewer, capture an image to send it off via email, to another computer, or save the file, or print it out.


  • Document Scanning
  • File Hosting (Image Silo)
  • Computer Output to MicroFilm (COM) services nationwide.

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Typical Requests For Services

We have a client in Garden City, KS who would like to get some pricing on document scanning. She would like to someone to come to her office and scan her medical records. She has approximately 20 pages per chart and approximately 400 charts.
work for
I am on the Board of the County Bar Association and have been charged with getting bids to digitize the association
I have been asked by a title and escrow company in xxxx County to assist them in determining costs on a scanning project that needs to be accomplished by spring.
Forced to close practice, Need records stored and point of contact for patients who will request charts in future.