Motivation to Start Scanning Govt Records

Typical Motivation for Starting Scanning Government Records

Do you spend too much time retrieving records? Do some of your documents actually get lost? Files stored in a central location and that are reviewed periodically have a great chance of being mis-filed or never refilled. The result is that it takes a great amount of time to find such files.

Would you save time and money if your customers could view the documents they need online? Do you and your customers need instant access to the files? Is immediate customer service becoming extremely important?

Are you running out of space for the hard copy files? Are you looking at the costs of special filing systems, such as rolling files? Are you looking at the costs of acquiring more office space for file storage? Are any of these costs in your budget?

Do you feel a need to reduce your overall costs associated with storing, retrieving, refilling and the safety and security of your documents?

If you had a disaster such as a hurricane, flood or fire, are your current documents protected?

Redacting Government Records

If you have scanned documents which need some data removed, you can contact the companies of this association for this services. For many scanned documents, it is not sufficient to simply "black out" the data. You also have to make sure you remove any meta data that the file contains but can't be seen.



Savings Associated with Govt. Scanning

Savings Associated with Government Record Scanning

You may want to call the Government Document Scanning Professional in your area for an overall review of your systems and procedures. However, there are some generalities about cost savings.

The most significant tangible costs include the labor cost to create the file, store the file, retrieve the file and process the file including faxing or copying and shipping. Then there are the tangible costs of the file itself including file folder and label, paper costs, file cabinet costs, shipping costs, fax line costs, etc.

Over the life of the document, if only one in a hundred files is sent overnight at a cost of $15, one is faxed at a phone charge of $.50 and your filing cabinets cost $100 and holds 200 files, and you put files in hanging folders at a cost of $.30 each, then already we have a cost per file of roughly a $1.00. When labor is added, the cost per file skyrockets.

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Why Scan Your Government Records

Disclosure of public documents is time consuming

Pulling files, the copying the data, conveying the data and finally refilling the document, all can be an expensive and time consuming affair, not counting the need for complete accuracy in what is disclosed and what private information is withheld.

What better way to cost effectively allow mandated access to the public documents for which you are responsible. Then you can remove the paper files saving time and money in space requirements.

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Computer Output to Microfilm

Automated Appointment Reminders

** Are you mandated to securely store your records on media which will last for hundreds of years?
** Would you like this media solution to take up much less space and easier to retrieve than paper files?

We have a solution that meets these requirements..

Computer Output to MicroFilm (COM). We Convert your scanned or unscanned documents to MicroFilm.

Many government agencies require film for long term storage. COM is the safest, most reliable way to store and archive your valuable records, it is not vulnerable to computer viruses, software upgrades or the latest media change.

COMSTOR Information Management, Inc.


PO Box 11817
Spokane, WA 99211


Contact: Les Boudewyns at 866-612-6925 ext 127

COMSTOR has the hardware and programming ability to create fiche from virtually any data format including, but not limited to, CD, DVD, and most tape media, even the ancient ones. COM easily fl ows into the digital world. Simply take the microfi che, put it in a digital viewer, capture an image to send it off via email, to another computer, or save the file, or print it out.


  • Document Scanning
  • File Hosting (Image Silo)
  • Computer Output to MicroFilm (COM) services nationwide.

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Typical Requests For Services

Forced to close practice, Need records stored and point of contact for patients who will request charts in future.
We are a law office and have a significant number of real estate closing files that need to be scanned. I would estimate approximately 100,000 total pages
One-time project. Client statements - approximately 20 boxes- would need statements to be shredded after scanning.
Would like to scan 2000-2009 tax returns with all supporting documents as well as all brokerage statements from 1990 to date. I would also like to have data put on CD
I am looking to store my real estate files after they are closed out and be able to retrieve them for up to four years after the close of escrow. each file consist of approximately 150 to 250 pages